Online Medical Advice – Do You Seek Free Online Advice From Doctors On Social Media?

Do you often seek online medical advice? A lot of times when I am on Facebook, I may get a direct message soliciting online medical advice for free from one of my friends. The fact is that many people today turn to the internet for online medical advice for free. They may use it to help diagnose some kind of illness, pain, or symptoms. Some people are a little more proactive. They want to help themselves get a better understanding of health and wellness in order to improve their quality of life.

So far, the Internet is the most revolutionary development of the 21st century. But I would like to express some caution about exactly where to get online medical advice.

First of all Facebook is not the best medium to solicit medical advice online. It is a great way to make a connection with a healthcare provide. And learn more about them. For instance, how they interact on social media lets you get an idea of their lifestyle. But I recommend that you take the dialogue off Facebook by making an office appointment. Many physicians are beginning to use social media to establish an online presence. But that does not mean that they want to give away medical advice online for free.

There are numerous medical help sites considered reputable including WebMD, ‘Up to date’, the Mayo clinic, and Cleveland Clinic. These websites have tons of information, including peer-reviewed articles and videos. You can learn about a lot of health and wellness information. Examples include nutrition, exercise, and common symptoms of diseases. As well as drugs, holistic medicine, and the latest medical research ideas and breakthroughs. The internet is a tremendous resource.

There are also more and more independent doctors and health care experts building their own websites. I’m one of such health care experts. All of this information is available worldwide.
It is clear that people want the medical knowledge. This is why websites that provide information products such as e-books, webinars or teleseminars are becoming so popular. I think it’s exceptional that physicians such as myself are stepping outside of the box. They are reinventing how we can make a difference in people’s lives. We are emphasizing prevention rather than cure.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame…” Thomas Edison

We are becoming forerunners in educating people on ways to stay healthy by providing information products. No doubt this information is backed by not only our credentials but our years of experience.

However, there is way too much false and hyped up information out there.

It is my mission to become the number one platform worldwide for women seeking to enhance their health and wellbeing. I intend to achieve this by providing information in an easy to understand format. So that women can begin to take the action necessary to improve their lives. This is my passion and my commitment to my readers and clients.


It is important that when you are seeking online medical advice that you verify the credentials of the source. You may want to verify the qualifications of the physician. For instance, is the healthcare provider board certified?

A board certified physician is a physician who has completed a residency program in their chosen specialty and also has gone a step further to pass a standardized examination. Board certification in several medical specialties require an ongoing maintenance of certification which means that a physician has committed to remaining current in ‘continuing medical education’ (CME) requirements in their field of specialty. Most insurance providers and also hospitals mandate that a physician is board certified. So be sure to verify that your physician is board certified.


Recently, insurance companies have come up with quite an ingenious trend as a way of cutting cost. This aspect of online medical advice is called Telemedicine. In this model, online medical advice is obtained from a panel of contracted healthcare providers usually physicians or nurse practitioners. So instead of going to an emergency room after hours, you make a call to your insurance company. Your phone call then gets routed to a healthcare provider who asks you questions. They review your information and medical history. As well as make a diagnosis over the phone and then provide treatment options.

I know these days that patients are dissatisfied with long wait times in their doctor’s office. But to date, nothing that I know of replaces the human touch. Online medical advice should only be used as a guideline. And not as a replacement for contact with a qualified healthcare provider.

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